When is Mediation Appropriate?

We’ve all either heard the crazy stories or even worse, experienced them ourselves. Does your neighbor use tie-dye blankets as curtains? Perhaps you can't enjoy your back deck because the condo two stories down blares their music so loud that your brain hurts. How much poop can one dog produce? And why can’t their owner just pick it up?! Do people not understand what Guest Parking means? The list goes on and on... and can create some deeply-rooted conflict among owners.

So, what do you do? In many cases, mediation is appropriate and effective. There are many mediators specialized in Community Association Law whose aim is to resolve these types of disputes with mutual satisfaction. A Mediator serves as a neutral third party who takes part in a confidential, collaborative process with the goal of creating a conflict-free environment and fostering neighborly relationships. Litigation can be costly, drawn out, and sometimes make situations worse.

Skilled HOA resolution experts are well-versed in strengthening and preserving relationships among neighboring residents, which is essential in creating a harmonious living environment. Using a mediator usually results in a quicker resolution, with less money spent.

The next time you’re intertwined with community and/or neighborly conflict, consider mediation before litigation. Contact your AMS Association Business Manager - they would be happy to make a referral.

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