A New Look for Our Neighborhood Enhancement Program Compliance Vehicle!

AMS HOA Compliance Vehicle

We're pretty excited about the fresh new look for our compliance vehicle! Keep an eye out for it in your neighborhood and say hello to Kim!

About the Neighborhood Enhancement Program

This is an AMS-exclusive program created to assist your community with rule compliance. By having a third party perform this task, you promote equality and fairness, foster a sense of community, and ultimately bring value to the residents' investments.

Program Features

  • We review the Association's existing documents or create a sample enforcement policy. The Board will then approve a new or updated policy.
  • Site visits will be performed using our mobile inspection program, and photos are taken.
  • All information and tracking will be available in our management software.
  • We take all phone calls and inquiries regarding compliance. Any request for variance, hearing or waiver must be submitted in writing and will be provided to the Board.
  • Boards have the authority to make exceptions.
  • We recommend the Board seek legal counsel when appropriate.
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