Essential HOA Board Meeting Tips

HOA board meetings are necessary for a homeowner association to thrive. Meetings are the time for the board to discuss important topics and make decisions. For these meeting to be effective, it is important to be prepared, treat it like a business meeting, and be organized. Here are a few key tips - whether you are a new Board member or a just want to learn something new.

Tip #1: Be Prepared

Always be prepared for your board meeting and read the management report AMS provides, which details what the meeting will discuss. The management report will include the agenda for the meeting, copies of communication, proposals, financial updates, maintenance schedules, etc. If you have questions about the management report, contact your Association Business Manager, so you are prepared for the meeting.

Tip #2: It’s a Business Meeting - Treat it Like One

HOAs, though a non-profit, run like a business. They are required to follow laws pertaining to community associations and are to act in the best interest of the homeowners, much like a business acting in the best interest of the shareholders. Keep this in mind during the board meeting and strive for relevant discussion and decisive actions. Do your best to stay on topic and don’t be afraid to schedule another meeting later for topics that need more thought.

Tip #3: Assign Someone the Task of Running the Meeting

Having a meeting administrator will help keep the group on topic. The administrator is typically the HOA president or your AMS Association Business Manager. Without a designated person to run the meeting, it could veer off the agenda and become unproductive. The administrator can also keep the meeting within time limits to ensure it stays on schedule.

Tip #4: Document

AMS will record the meeting’s minutes and create a list of items that require action. This list will help the board know what they are responsible for and what the management company is responsible for. It is also a timeline of the progress made by the board throughout the year.

Board meetings can be effective and quick if the appropriate steps are taken. As your management company, AMS ensures these steps are taken and your meetings run smoothly. Contact us with any questions about how board meetings are run or how to make them more effective.

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