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Our unique management style and expert team allows us to deliver a top-of-the-line association management experience. Our team is comprised of the best professionals in the business. Their experience and education enables them to deliver an exceptionally high level of service to our clients.

AMS is OREGON and WASHINGTON'S go-to homeowner association management company.


Our services aim to remove frustrations, streamline processes, and cultivate relationships between neighbors. AMS is committed to forming positive, solution-oriented partnerships with the communities and boards we serve. As the Northwest’s leader in condominium and homeowner association management, we are dedicated to providing the best return on your association’s investment. As a result, your residents will see that value every time they come home.


Board members and residents can enjoy easy, secure access to all their information from any device. Board members can access important documents and updates. Residents can make online payments, submit maintenance requests, access forms and documents and more.

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Our blog features the latest HOA industry news, company news, community management tips, helpful articles and advice for homeowners and board members and more!

Coronavirus & Your HOA: 5 Things Your Board Can Do

March 26, 2020

Both Oregon and Washington now have “stay at home” orders, a minimum of two weeks according to Gov. Inslee of WA and until terminated by Gov. Brown in Oregon. The order covers public and private gatherings, social, spiritual, and recreational, and it’s enforceable by law. What does this mean for your HOA’s board and residents? …

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AMS Offers Free HOA Board Member Education

February 25, 2020

Being a board member of a homeowner association can be tricky – navigating the laws, procedures, and best business practices. Professional management with Association Management Services, as well as advice from an attorney, is crucial. At AMS, we are committed to helping our board members succeed. One of the things that makes AMS stand out …

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Homeowners Association (HOA): Right to Hearings

January 27, 2020

Homeowners associations are the instruments through which the residents of a community exert their will. HOAs monitor and maintain standards of safety. They also protect the integrity of neighborhood structures, such as clubhouses and swimming pools. Finally, they monitor the overall livability of their communities. HOAs are tasked with enforcement of rules, dispute resolutions, and …

Homeowners Association (HOA): Right to Hearings Read More »

What Are HOAs and How Do They Benefit Your Community?

January 7, 2020

Many people are curious about HOAs. What are HOAs? What does HOA stand for? For some, the most important question is even more direct: What’s HOA got to do with me? Let’s take these questions one at a time. What does HOA stand for? HOA stands for homeowner (or homeowners) association. What are HOAs? If …

What Are HOAs and How Do They Benefit Your Community? Read More »

HOA Docs: Common Areas vs. Owner Responsibility

December 20, 2019

Homeowner association documents spell out what’s required and expected of both property owners and the HOA itself. If you’re considering purchasing property in a development, it’s crucial to review these HOA documents beforehand — as much for what they say as what they do not say. “By buying property in a development,” writes Beth Ross …

HOA Docs: Common Areas vs. Owner Responsibility Read More »

Arizona HOA Managers Accused of Embezzling Millions from Associations

March 15, 2019

Eagle Property Management in Scottsdale, Arizona, managed 40 HOAs in upscale Scottsdale communities. They’re being accused of illegally taking money from HOA accounts they were managing. The Edge at Grayhawk Condominium Association has alleged in a lawsuit that Eagle Property Management embezzled $3.4 million from the association between 2010 and 2014. According to court documents, …

Arizona HOA Managers Accused of Embezzling Millions from Associations Read More »

How to Win a Fight With Your HOA (Without Going Broke)

March 8, 2019

Read the source article from US News. More than 68 million Americans live in community associations, according to the Community Associations Institute, meaning 1 in 5 of us is required to follow the rules and regulations of a condo, cooperative or homeowners association. According to a 2016 CAI survey, 65 percent of residents find living in an …

How to Win a Fight With Your HOA (Without Going Broke) Read More »

HOA Living: 6 Tips for New Homeowners

March 8, 2019

Homeowner Associations (HOAs) offer many benefits to Owners and to the Community. We’ve drafted a small list of tips that might help first-time HOA living residents take full advantage of all the benefits that an HOA has to offer. 1. Be Informed. Make sure to ask your realtor if the home you’re purchasing is within …

HOA Living: 6 Tips for New Homeowners Read More »

5 Things Every Homeowner Should Know How To Do

February 16, 2019

1. Fix a Running Toilet. Is your toilet running non-stop? This is a costly problem that needs fixed quickly, or it can lead to an expensive water bill. The Flush Valve Assembly is the mechanism you see when you open the toilet tank lid (it’s okay, we didn’t know what it was called either). This …

5 Things Every Homeowner Should Know How To Do Read More »

Homeowner Association Committees

February 6, 2019

Homeowner Associations create Committees to help manage the off-handed happenings of the community. Often, committees are considered the backbone of the association, taking on tasks ranging from management of association finances to establishing and maintaining landscaping standards. There are two main types of committees within Homeowner Associations: Ad Hoc and Standing. Ad hoc committees are …

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