New homeowner association creation

The birth and management of a new community is uniquely different than managing existing, established homeowner associations.

While the developer serves as the Board of Directors, they must ensure that the association complies with all state statutes, and of course the association’s governing documents.

AMS' HOA Developer Services help prepare for first-time sales within a developing community. This process can be a very time-consuming and exasperating for the developer. Ninety percent of the problems encountered in newly-developed homeowner associations can be attributed to common errors and oversights which occur during the set-up process. Finding a community association management company that knows the requirements, are experts at setting up documents, and who can build a proper database for first-time sales is imperative to the expeditious processing of loans and a smooth-running association.


With over 30 years of experience in the association management industry, we use our expertise to help community associations enhance their financial and physical attributes.

Retaining AMS as your community association management company ensures you have solid business partner with a knowledgeable team of professionals at your disposal.

new community association developer services
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We believe in the value of our service and the positive impact it can have on the lives of the homeowners living in AMS-managed communities.

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