Serving as an HOA Board Member isn’t always easy.

Navigating the statutes, processes, procedures and best business practices can be tricky. Professional management with AMS, as well as the advice of an attorney is crucial. Our FREE HOA board education series is for new board members, as well as seasoned community leaders.

At Association Management Services NW, we are dedicated to helping our Board Members succeed. One of the ways we do that is with our Board Member Education Series. These classes offer valuable information from attorneys, insurance agents, and experienced AMS personnel.

When and Where 
Classes are held monthly in Oregon and Washington, usually at our offices.

How to Enroll
Board members will receive an email invitation to attend the class with a link to enroll.

If you have a suggestion for a class topic, please let us know.



Water & Mold Remediation

HOA board educationOREGON: 2/13/18

Water leaks and mold can be a serious issue in the Northwest. In this class, you will learn the steps to take when there is a water event. You will learn about the different types of mold and what to do when it’s discovered.

Welcome to the Board

HOA board educationOREGON: 3/15/18

This is a great class for new and experienced board members alike. The trainer will cover the open-meeting law, executive session, how to hold a hearing, confidentiality and ethics, the difference between directors and officers and much more. Bring your questions.

The Day After a Disaster

HOA board educationOREGON: 4/11/18

What are the important steps to take the day after a fire, flood or major water event? Insurance 101 for HOAs will walk you through how to make a claim and follow it through to the end.

Association Records

OREGON: 5/17/18

One of the most important responsibilities of the board is record retention. The statutes governing HOAs dictate how association records are kept. Learn which records are permanent, how long to keep others and when to purge.

Robert's Rules Made Easy

HOA board educationOREGON: 6/27/18

Robert's Rules are flexible and can be adapted to suit the needs of a small meeting or a large assembly. Parliamentary procedure can be as casual or as formal as needed for an effective meeting.

Your HOA's Financials - A Planning Tool

HOA board educationOREGON: 8/8/18

Your financials can be an important planning tool for the Board. Learn what reports are available and how to use them for sort and long term planning and budgeting.

The Importance of Good Rules

OREGON: 9/13/18

Fair Housing claims are on the rise, and can be costly to an HOA. Safeguard your community by ensuring that your rules are fair, non-discriminatory and enforceable.

Record Retention

OREGON: 9/20/18

Learn about record retention - what you need to keep, and for how long.

What Your Board Should Know About Collections

HOA board educationOREGON: 10/16/18
WASHINGTON: 10/23/18

Your association has an obligation to its members to collect delinquent accounts. This class will give you a basic understanding of license, demands, judgments, garnishments and bankruptcies and other tools available to the Board.


Each Community is unique. Your Community Manager and the AMS team is available to assist individual boards on a one-to-one basis on the unique issues that face you and your community. Please call for an appointment. Sample training topics include:

  • Website Training: Post articles, notices, send e-Blasts, update the community calendar and more.
  • Community Financials: Understand financial reports, how and what to review each month.
  • Special Assessment: How to implement a special assessment.
  • Special Projects: Meet with the AMS team to strategize and plan special projects such at Capital Improvements, Construction Defect and PEX Plumbing Replacements.
Bob Mulkey

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