We review the Association's CC&Rs, Rules, Regulations and Resolutions
We review the current Enforcement Policy OR provide the Board with a sample Enforcement Policy
The Board approves a new or updated policy or policies within 60 days of initiation of the NEP

Why Do Neighborhoods Matter?

Neighborhoods matter because they connect people. When you bond with your neighbors, you help build a strong community and strong communities make a difference. At AMS, we're committed to providing community management that's focused on the neighborhoods and boards we serve.

Nearly every owner living in a homeowner association will experience some level of frustration with the rules. It may be with their neighbor, themselves, or the board not enforcing the rules.

AMS offers the services of our Neighborhood Enhancement Program, where we work together to enhance your community. By having a third party enforce the rules, you promote equality, fairness, and foster a sense of community in your neighborhood, which in turn brings value to your investment.

We've found that providing excellent communication is the only way to give the exceptional customer service we pride ourselves on. In doing so, we'd like to clearly define what is included with our Neighborhood Enhancement Program, how it works, and what you can expect from us.

AMS HOA Compliance Vehicle

Program features

  • We review the Association's existing documents or create a sample enforcement policy. The Board will then approve a new or updated policy.
  • Site visits will be performed using our mobile inspection program, and photos are taken.
  • Letters will be sent in accordance with your fine and enforcement policy. Violations with photos are viewable for owners on their community website.
  • All information and tracking will be available in our management software.
  • We take all phone calls and inquiries regarding compliance. Any request for variance, hearing or waiver must be submitted in writing and will be provided to the Board.
  • Boards have the authority to make exceptions.
  • We recommend the Board seek legal counsel when appropriate.

Program Cost

Our approach to the cost of the Neighborhood Enhancement Program is simple -- the Association is billed by the hour.

Letters are billed individually at a flat rate, which includes postage.

Hard costs associated with liens, court costs and legal fees will be charged separately.

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