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In this difficult climate with staffing shortages, our employees appreciate the support and continued collaboration with our clients while they stay commited to providing the level of service AMS is known for. Thank you for making us feel appreciated through your positive feedback and encouragement!

We're proud of the customer service that we provide to our clients and the positive feedback that we've received because of it.

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Our HOA has been with AMS for the nearly three years that we've been living in our house. There have been a number occasions for us to work with them through the permission-processes to put on a new roof, build a new fence, re-landscape our front yard, and remove a tree. In all of these cases, they've worked responsively to address our concerns in as timely a manner as possible. When we ask questions, we get answers. When we need assistance, they are forthcoming. We are further encouraged after learning more about their responsible financial practices at our recent HOA meeting. This team clearly has the experience and the desire to do an excellent job of helping our board manage our HOA and they have consistently extended their hand to assist us.

Bill C.
AMS Managers

I just want to say thank you to the AMS-NW team for assisting Oak Hills in our transition from CMI. Your firm is top notch in systems and personal. I am very pleased in our selection of your firm and know that for the next 20 years or so, Oak Hills will be in good hands with AMS-NW.

Dan B.
Board Member


Our clients talk about their experiences with AMS.


Mitchell L.
Board Member

Our manager has been a pleasure to work with. He graciously takes the verbal abuse from certain owners but sets limits and boundaries respectfully. He answers the multitude of emails from owners in a timely manner. He is aware of the issues and nuances of our community. A real asset for everone. I appreciate his sense of humor. He made my volunteer position fun and enjoyable with every contact.

Patrick H.
Board Member

After several years of horrible service from another management company, our HOA contracted with AMS for management services. Our manager and her team were assigned our account. What a delight. She immediately grabbed the bull by the horns and helped us put our affairs in order. While doing that she put systems in place that allow us to effortlessly take care of not only the day to day operations of our community, but to effectively respond to immediate needs. She is very responsive and patient with our Board in helping us keep our community on track. She handles complaints and impatient homeowners professionally and courteously and makes decisions base on the rules of our HOA. As president of our HOA, the AMS staff is always available to me for consultation. We truly appreciate our manager and her colleagues for helping us maintain our community!

Chuck and Geri W.
HOA Member

I just want to acknowledge with gratitude the tremendous help and professional service that our Eagle’s Loft community has received, and is continuing to receive, from your team at AMS with respect to the recent water damage from broken pipes associated with our Fire Suppression System or other yet-to-be-discovered causes. We know that we are not the only Association under your care that has been faced with these unfortunate challenges.

Your quick and organized assistance to us, which is expediting the assessment and reparation of our needs, is so deeply appreciated and is making a great difference in the lives of those who are continuing to be effected by these challenges.

Rand B.
Board member

I want to give a big shout-out to Hillary, who has gone above and beyond more than once for us. The most recent example is her heroic effort to get us “Fire Danger” signage before the 4th holiday.  I didn’t think it was possible. Hillary proved me wrong. And it make a huge difference. 

I owe them and you so much. Thank you.

Michelle S.
I have lived in the same condominium community for 44 years now, and things have definitely changed over the years. Prior to AMS, we had a management company that literally was the bottom of the barrel. I won't go into all the reasons why. Rather, I prefer to use this review to compliment and rave about Victoria Johnson's wonderful help resolving an accounting situation where time was of the essence. If it weren't for her dedication to help us, this review could've been different. But, Victoria restored my faith in HOA management companies and proved one person can make a significant difference in a company. I believe she is an asset to AMS and likely anywhere works in the future, or worked in the past. I'm very happy to know our association is finally working with a reputable company who is knowledgeable and responsive.
Board President
HOA with 73 Condos in Beaverton

Thank you for taking the time to converse about the Creekside budget. I appreciate your attention to detail. One of the challenges we have in recruiting people to serve on the board is a belief that board members need to have some kind of expertise. With this kind of support, it is easier to tell people that they can handle the job.

I also appreciate AMS-NW as a team who covers for each other. I feel we are in good hands.

Stephanie P.
[Our Manager] has been an outstanding administrator of my neighborhood's HOA management company. He quickly responds to concerns with professionalism. His intelligence and excellent communication skills help instill confidence that our HOA is being taken care of. I am additionally impressed with how he is able to still address complex neighborhood concerns during these unprecedented and unpredictable times. It is such a blessing to see and feel like our concerns are being addressed.
Gary B.
Board Member
Bob Mulkey with AMS has been a real blessing in helping us with our Condo Association! At one time we were self governing, which turned out to be a big problem. People just didn't seem to meet eye to eye on issues. Now that [AMS] has been helping us, we are on the right path to take care things that have been neglected! AMS has the ability to keep us on track within our Reserves. Thank you on behalf of the Association for your help.
Matt Maher
Director of Business Development, Wave
I recently met some of the AMS-NW management staff whom were attending an industry trade show in Portland. I was impressed with their willingness to engage me in conversation and explore mutually beneficial networking consideration and actually provided me a direct business opportunity within their managed portfolio that is making traction within a week of our initial introduction. They were all fun, friendly, and professional at the show and in follow up email correspondence. I will be graciously rewarding them for their openness and forward thinking to strengthen their company's market presence and creating new vendor alliances as well. In an industry where decisions happen quite slowly, it was refreshing to be received with confidence and take action sooner than later. I look forward to working with them and trust they will be representing their market and clients with an added sense of business acumen. Good on ya!
Joyce W.
Board President
Fantastic management support. As the president of an HOA I have found my team at AMS amazing. Their response is quick, solutions always on par with what we need and always watching out for us.
Brent B.
Our HOA switched agencies and typical of the old agency which had poor communication, our account became overdue with late fees and interest because we weren't informed of the switch. AMS staff immediately responded and assisted us in this hectic transition. Both of them responded to emails and phone calls and provided thorough, thoughtful and supportive information and helped resolve the situation immediately. So glad the HOA made the switch to AMS!
Heather O.
[Our Manager] is an excellent resource and terrific problem solver. We have worked with his team for the last few years and he is a pleasure to work with. I look forward to his continued involvement.
Angela W.
Real Estate Broker
Working in real estate we often need insight into HOA budgets, finances, and management for our clients quickly. This can be a very frustrating, timely, and expensive venture. I was so pleasantly surprised today when I called AMS for some insight into a special assessment for a particular development. [AMS] was courteous, thorough, and responded quickly. I had the information I needed in my inbox in minutes and she followed up to make sure my clients and I had our concerns addressed. I was so impressed with her excellent customer service. It was an incredible experience.
Clinton W.
AMS Is the property management company for my large subdivision neighborhood in NE Oregon. I am very happy with the customer service and products from the AMS company. Our manager helps keep my community neighborhood safe, beautiful and a happy place to live.
Nicole B.
Real Estate Broker
I called customer service today regarding a property I'd shown to a buyer in Edgewood. Victoria exceeded my expectations by seeking the answer to a question she didn't know from a manager, then promptly sending over the maintenance resolution for the complex. Also, she provided me with the correct contact in case I have additional questions. Being able to access this information quickly and building trust in an HOA is crucial to whether a buyer might consider writing an offer to purchase a property. Victoria did her job well, but also possesses something you can't teach: she was genuine and natural on the phone, and that put me at ease.
Michael Z.
My company, Zocchi Security & Patrol, Inc dba Arcadia Security, and I have had the pleasure of working with AMS for the last several years in providing nightly security for the Ladd Tower HOA. [The Manager's] demeanor is calm and friendly, yet he's very professional and tells you exactly what he wants and expects. He has been very easy to work with, trusts our company and communicates very well with my staff and I.
Patricia S.
Premier Property Group, LLC

[AMS] returned my call promptly and fulfilled my requests in a timely manner. In Real Estate, it's important to find responsive and kind people to deal with when an issue arises.

I look forward to working with [AMS] again in the near future on another property!

Carolyn A.
Board Member
[AMS] organized a Zoom meeting with attorney Angie Bagby about Fair Housing. It was definitely helpful and an added positive to the use of AMS as our management service company.
Lisa Y.
As a lender, we often have to contact an HOA management company for information. Sometimes the interaction is not so fun. Recently [AMS] took my call, answered my questions and got me the documents I needed within a few minutes. I so appreciate her help and she was nice and friendly too! Thank you!
Bob S.
Board Member
The [board education] meeting run and organized by [AMS] was organized and informative. Angie Bagby's presentation was on-point, interesting and enjoyable. More like a conversation then a lecture.
Laura Gazarian
Where do I start? AMS is easy to work with, helpful and owner-forward in their thinking. Their portal system is great. Today, I called to inquire about a document we needed fairly quickly. [AMS] assisted me and emailed the document I needed in less than 5 minutes after our conversation! Thank you, AMS!
Sarah S.
Board President
Our HOA has worked with AMS as long as I’ve been on the board of directors. We have found the company to be very responsive to our needs and quick to rectify any issues that arise. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lynn for most of my tenure as president and I count on her expertise in the very complicated area of condominium management. She has helped us solve many problems with great suggestions and then speedy follow-up. Lynn also has an amazing ability to stay calm dealing with very stressful situations and/or upset homeowners. I consider Lynn and AMS as invaluable to managing our complex. I highly recommend using the very capable team that makes up AMS! 
Bradd H.
Board Member
Just completed another board member education class, organized by AMS NW. This is about the 7-8th class that I have attended (in person and online) about 6-7 of them have been excellent. We just had an hour with an HOA speciality attorney and were able to ask questions. This is a great environment to learn more as a board member and be sure that our HOA is on track for efficient operation, at no cost to the HOA. Recommend these classes to any board member that wants to learn more.
Paul R.
Board Member
The team at AMS have made the lives of our HOA board so much easier. Very communicative, and responsive, we never have to worry if our neighborhood issues are being worked on or looked at. Billing of dues has been problem free as well. Highly recommended!
Cedarglen PDX
Board Member
AMS' training podcasts help volunteer Board members, like me, learn how to become more professional and informed by engaging expert speakers in their field, in areas that matter. Last night's training, "Running an Effective Meeting" was outstanding! The speaker, Kathleen Profitt, was well organized, engaging to listen to, and presented in a way easy to grasp. Bob Mulkey was able to provide a link to the session at the last minute, and shared (with permission from the speaker) the PPT. With the virtual format, I can attend more training sessions. Bob helps participants to feel comfortable asking questions, as do his speakers. The training was highly valuable to me!
I lived in Arbor Station Community for 4 years and greatly enjoyed my stay. It is currently managed by Association Management Services NW. I would like to thank AMS for managing the property and keeping it clean, organized and safe. I really liked the timely response of AMS team and especially Jessica Schmitt. She was always very detailed and clear in her responses. This is a great community and one reason it is great place to live is because a well managed HOA. Thank you Jessica and AMS team for making my stay a memorable part of my life.
Todd S.
Board Member
AMS has been a great company to work with for over a decade. Their managers are all very professional and reliable. Our manager stands out in my mind as someone who is responsive, reliable, organized and a good communicator. If you have the chance to work with AMS, I would encourage you to do so!
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