4 Key Responsibilities of a Board Secretary

Homeowner Associations have a great deal of responsibility.

These responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Maintaining Association records;
  • Preserving the Association’s history; and
  • Protecting itself from liabilities.

Who takes on such an important leadership role? The Board Secretary.

What does the Board Secretary do?

  1. Prepares and distributes Board Meeting minutes and notices, records meetings minutes and resolutions.
  2. Accepts and verifies meeting proxies for special membership and annual meetings of the HOA.
  3. Signs legal documentation, witnesses and verifies other’s signatures on legal documentation.
  4. Maintains the HOA’s records and files all necessary forms with appropriate state agencies.

Does your Association need help?

When an HOA elects to hire an Association Management Company such as AMS, many of these responsibilities are managed and completed by that governing agent under the guidance of the Board Secretary and other members of the Board of Directors. Contact us to discuss how our management services can ease the burden for your Association.

Board Secretary
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