Free HOA Board Member Education

Our Board Education Series webinars feature industry professionals speaking on industry-specific topics important to your homeowner association's board of directors.

Serving as an HOA board member isn't always easy!

Navigating the statutes, processes, procedures and best business practices can be tricky. Professional management with AMS, as well as the advice of an attorney is crucial. Our FREE HOA Board Education Series Webinars are for new board members, as well as seasoned community leaders. These classes offer valuable information from attorneys, insurance agents, and experienced AMS personnel.

What you can expect:

  • A different topic each month
  • Webinar led by industry professionals
  • Question and answer period at the end
  • About an hour of your time
Bob Mulkey

Questions? Contact:

Bob Mulkey, CMCA
Association Business Manager
Education Host


(503) 858-1217



How to Control A Board Meeting

How to Control a Board Meeting

2/25/2021 Webinar

Everyone has a horror story about an owner or Board member who tries to control meetings and intimidate others. This seminar provides help in dealing with such individuals.

Kathleen Profitt | Attorney | Profitt Law, LLC

community rules

Robert's Rules of Order

3/25/2021 Webinar

Robert's Rules are easy and can be adapted to suit the needs of a small meeting or a large assembly. Parliamentary procedure can be as casual or as formal as needed for an effective meeting.

Beverly Pyrzybylski | Professional Registered Parliamentarian

House under a wooden gavel. 3D illustration.

FHA Regulations

4/22/2021 Webinar

Fair Housing laws are constantly changing. The HOA industry is seeing a spike in FHA-related lawsuits and violations. This seminar discusses trends in FHA regulations.

Angie Bagby | Attorney | Bagby Law

homeowner insurance

Insurance Trends

5/20/2021 Webinar

Insurance rates are rising, especially for HOAs that are at risk for various natural disasters. Learn about trends in HOA insurance.

Sara Eanni | Senior Account Manager | ABI

reserve study

Reserve Studies

6/24/2021 Webinar

This is a great class for those wanting to take it to the next level. The trainer will provide a guide to understanding your homeowner association and how to implement new rules or regulations. Bring your questions!

Kathleen Smith | Senior Project Manager | RDH

Architectural details of modern apartment building.

Condition Assessments

7/22/2021 Webinar

Man notices the water meter. Blue modern radio water counter bill concept

Water Conservation

8/26/2021 Webinar

Water rates are increasing and are expected to continue their upward climb. Learn about various ways you can mitigate your water consumption and your water costs.

Bob Grover | President | Pacific Landscape Management

HOA management financial services


9/23/2021 Webinar

This seminar provides information about collections.

Colin G. Andries | Attorney | Black/Helterline


Open Law Forum

10/21/2021 Webinar

The final seminar for the year offers Board members the opportunity to chat with three qualified HOA attorneys about various issues. Bring in your questions to discuss some of the most pressing topics for your community.

Angie Bagby | Attorney | Bagby Law

What People Say About Our Webinars

Fabiola L.

HOA Board Member

The AMS Board Education series is very helpful. Bob Mulkey does a very good job of organizing these and finding useful topics. Thanks Bob and AMS for doing these.

Monty H.

HOA Board Member

Meeting started and ended on time. Had memo pads Water, snacks, pens & pencils handy. The room was ideal, with excellent AV equipment. Big screen. Comfortable chairs. Friendly people. No distractions. The presenter was highly qualified, informative, and effective. I learned a lot in a short time. Some of it will result readily in cost savings to my HOA. Good handout material, which I will keep handy. Bob Mulkey was cordial and professional.

April S.

Board member, Scholls Village Condominium Association, Tigard, Oregon

Bob Mulkey's choice of topic and presenter was excellent. I really appreciated the thorough slide show and informative details. Water conservation and choice of vegetation is an area I have some experience in and I learned a great deal more, especially as it applies to the condominium grounds. I look forward to more seminars as a result of this class.

Bela W.

Board Member, Watersedge HOA

I found Bob M. to be very helpful with great speakers and information on topics that we at Watersedge have been dealing with for some time. These classes have really provided information that our whole board can use.

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