The law provides that the use of real estate can be restricted when a document (such as the CC&R’s) describing the restrictions is recorded with the county where the property is located. The restrictions “run with the land,” meaning they apply to each owner who acquires the property after the restrictions are recorded. The map or plat and the CC&Rs are different types of recorded restrictions which “run with the land,” and that is why they bind each owner of a unit or lot. The Articles, Bylaws, and Rules may not be recorded, but derive their binding power from the recorded CC&Rs. With the Articles and Bylaws, this binding power arises because the CC&Rs makes each owner a member of the homeowners’ association, and the law makes each member of the association subject to the association’s Articles and Bylaws. With the Rules, the binding power arises because the CC&Rs specifically empower the association to enact additional binding rules.
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