Homeowner associations are not required to provide or disclose any information directly to prospective purchasers of units or lots but are required to provide a variety of documents to selling owners so that these owners can meet seller disclosure and resale certificate requirements. These include: (i) a copy of all governing documents and, if the association is not incorporated, a statement in writing that the association is not incorporated; (ii) a copy of the most recent annual budget report and annual policy statement, along with a statement of any change in the association’s current regular and special assessments and fees which have been approved by the board, but have not become due and payable; (iii) a true statement as to the amount of the association’s current regular and special assessments and fees, and any unpaid assessments or monetary fines/penalties owed by the selling owner; (iv) a copy or a summary of any notice previously sent to the selling owner alleging a violation of the governing documents; (v) a statement describing any restriction of rentals; and (vi) if requested by the prospective purchaser, a copy of the minutes of board meetings, excluding meetings held in executive session, conducted over the previous 12 months.

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