AMS Welcomes 2 New Communities in December 2023

AMS is delighted to welcome two new homeowner's associations to the AMS family in December:

AMS proudly announces the addition of Magnolia Heights and Meranti Lofts to our family of companies. This December marks a significant step in our commitment to offering diverse, quality living experiences across our communities.

Magnolia Heights

Vancouver, WA

Magnolia Heights: Distinctive One-of-a-kind Homes

Nestled in an idyllic setting, Magnolia Heights  consists of 38 homes along the Columbia River Gorge. Residents of Magnolia Heights enjoy close access to shops and restaurants, breathtaking views, and unique and modern homes.

AMS is poised to collaborate with Magnolia Heights to ensure their HOA is offering the best possible experience for its members.

Meranti Lofts

Portland, OR

Meranti Lofts: Elevating Urban Living

Meranti Lofts, known for its contemporary design and upscale living spaces, brings a distinctive urban perspective to the AMS family. Located in the heart of Southeast Portland, these 11 units and two commercial spaces on the ground floor seamlessly combine contemporary design with a sense of home and small community. AMS envisions Meranti Lofts as a premier choice for those seeking refined urban living experiences.

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A Unified Vision for Community Excellence

The addition of Magnolia Heights and Meranti Lofts underlines AMS's commitment to diversification while maintaining a steadfast dedication to excellence. Both communities bring unique attributes that complement the AMS experience. We look forward to fostering strong relationships and supporting the growth of Magnolia Heights and Meranti Lofts.

As we extend our sincere welcome to the residents, staff, and stakeholders of these new communities, we anticipate mutually beneficial collaborations and shared successes. This strategic expansion reaffirms AMS's position as a leader in providing tailored, high-quality HOA solutions.

Here's to the shared success of Magnolia Heights and Meranti Lofts within the AMS Family of Companies. Welcome aboard!

Stability is important! Our managers have been with AMS for an average of 8 years.

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